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Lodi, CA Endodontics – The Dreaded “Root Canal”

It used to be that when the dentist mentioned “Root Canal”, chills would run up and down the spine while a morbid dread would fall over the patient. Not so anymore! With modern technology and techniques, there is no need to fear going to the dentist for a root canal procedure. Remember: Patient Comfort is our #1 Priority! TLC Dental Care has an entire Comfort Menu to ensure your comfort during any procedure.

The Throbbing Pain

If you are experiencing throbbing, sensitivity to hot and cold, or a toothache and/or pain in the temple area, a root canal may be the proper treatment.

Root canals are most often used to treat decayed teeth that have become infected. During a root canal, the nerve and pulp of the tooth will be removed, and the inside of the tooth will be cleaned and sealed. This will prevent further infection from occurring and stop abscesses from forming.

What is an Endodontist?

An endodontist is a dentist who has specialized training in treating areas inside the tooth, such as the pulp (made up of nerves, blood vessels, and soft tissues). Like general dentists, endodontists have completed dental school, and then in addition, they have completed two to three years of advanced training. The most common procedure performed by endodontists is a root canal.

Endodontist Referral Program

If you are in need of endodontic treatment, Dr. Sangha will assess your treatment needs. She will then discuss your options and the next steps you may take. If it is a complicated endodontic situation, Dr. Sangha may refer you to a trained and trusted endodontist. Many endodontists have state-of-the-art technology that allows them to treat challenging root canals in less than an hour.

FAQ's About Root Canal Therapy

What Is A Root Canal?

Root canals are a procedure for rescuing teeth that are decayed or severely infected. This procedure is needed when a tooth infection, which started as a toothache in the beginning, forms an abscess and expands throughout the tooth’s root. Root canal therapy, done by an endodontist or a dentist, eliminates the infection from the insides of the tooth and removes the pulp and nerve found inside its root canal, saving the natural tooth.

Will My Root Canal Be Painful?

Some people are worried by the idea of getting a root canal. This is usually caused by misconceptions and myths. It’s popular to portray root canals as an extremely painful experience, but this isn’t the case. Advancements in anesthetics and technology in dentistry have made root canal therapy nearly hassle-free and pain-free. Patients can expect less discomfort and shorter recovery times than in the past.

What Is The Procedure For A Root Canal?

Root canal therapy will not be intimidating if you know what to expect before you have one. The dentist or endodontist will numb the tooth with local anesthesia, so you will not feel any pain. While there are some rare instances when anesthetic might not be 100% effective because of problems like abscesses, the dentist will ordinarily prescribe antibiotics ahead of time in order to prevent them from happening.

When the procedure has been finished and all bacteria and infected tissue are cleared out of the inside of the tooth, your endodontist or dentist with remove the nerve, a soothing agent will be applied, and it will be closed up with a filling. Whatever discomfort the patient could feel after the procedure should clear up in the next twenty-four hours as the immune system takes care of whatever might be left of the infection. There could be a little tenderness in the area for a few days afterward.

Will I Experience Pain After The Procedure?

When the gum tissue is inflamed, you can have some discomfort or pain. Your dentist or endodontist may have removed the nerve of the tooth during the procedure, but the nerves in the surrounding tissues are still present, and the swollen tissue can still cause discomfort.

Whatever the situation, keep in mind that it’s unusual to experience over a few days of severe pain. If you are experiencing such pain, you should arrange an appointment with your endodontist or general dentist as soon as you can.

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  • "The best office in Lodi! Dr. Sangha is very gentle and patient so are the assistants, Hector was my assistant this time and he was wonderful."
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  • "The best office in Lodi! Dr. Sangha is very gentle and patient so are the assistants, Hector was my assistant this time and he was wonderful."
    Kara B.